"She sounds like Bjørk and Blondie kickboxing in a fjord." Alex R, Rock Sound

Christina Askeland is an actress and a singer. Born in Norway and educated in England, she feels at home in both cultures.


She trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, a drama school with particular attention to the arts of acting for the camera, as well as the stage.


After graduating she was taken on by RWM Management, as well as landing the task as the lead singer in the indie-rock band Lux. She stayed on in England for 7 years, working as an actress, a singer, and an Events Manager.


Acting credits include




Krokketmatchen, short (imdb)

Tiril, the neanderthal Paris Hilton

Dir.: Bobbie Peers, Kong Film AS


Gnist, short (imdb)

Caroline, lead character

Dir.: Inger Lene Stordrange, Kitchen Film


Wild Kingdom BBC Earth, (Britiske Naturperler), Voice, Norwegian

Dir.: Morten Lange, NorDubb for NRK


Bye Bye Inkhead

Ingrid (Inkhead),(imdb credited as Kristina May)

Dir.: Adrienne Michelle Long, Enzo Films, Ireland


Internfilm for JB (Norwegian Rail)

KARI, personified computersystem

Stang Media AS


Havskum, TV Series Pilot

Representative from the Arts Council

Dir.: J. Fleischer, T.Hegna, Westerdals


Stay On 1&2

Voice, English and Norwegian

Dir.: Mari Finnestad, Snøball Film

Hotell 13

Voice, Ruth.

SDI Media for NRK Super

Mitt Solskinn (My Sunshine)

Beate, the bipolar mother.

Dir.: Helene Stenhaug, Velmont Film


The Case: Mina

Mina`s mother.

Dir.: Eirin Gjørv, Directors at Work

Peter rabbit, (Petter Kanin) BBC

Voice of Louisa Mouse

Dir.: Morten Lange, Nordubb for NRK

The Glass Menagerie Laura

Dir.: Sean Cotter, ALRA production


Agnes of God Agnes

Dir.: Nicholas Clay ALRA production




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